Office of Emergency Management Release on Atlantic City COVID-19 Testing


The City of Atlantic City and Mayor Marty Small have announced that two COVID-19 testing sites will be made available to symptomatic Atlantic City residents by appointment beginning Tuesday, April 28.

The testing sites, which are being funded by a federal Community Development Block Grant, include a walk-up and drive thru site that will operate on alternating days for four weeks. The city has received technical guidance from the New Jersey Department of Health to aid in the planning of these testing sites.

Reliance Medical Group, a primary healthcare provider based in Northfield, will be tasked with conducting the medical testing. Both
sites will be open from 10 AM to 2 PM. There is no fee for the test. In order to betested, the individual must:· Have a COVID-19 test prescription from their doctor (if an individual is symptomatic and does not possess a prescription, a Reliance physician on-site can provide the prescription),· Read and accept the consent form (available in the appointment portal),· Have an appointment,· Have a copy of the appointment confirmation,· Have identification proving the individual is an Atlantic City resident.Law enforcement will be on hand to ensure that individuals not meeting all of the above requirements will be asked to leave the testing site.The drive thru site will be stationed in the area of the Surf Stadium located at 545 N. Albany Avenue. This site will only be open on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The individual being tested does not have to be driving, they can be a passenger. Occupants are to keep their windows up until instructed. The entry point will be at the intersection of Albany and Filbert Avenues. The walk-up testing site will be located in the 800 block of Atlantic Avenue in the surface parking lot of the Showboat Hotel. This site will only be open on Tuesdays andThursdays. The entry point will be on Delaware Avenue. Individuals can be driven to the site, but those being tes ted must be able to walk through the testing area without assistance.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit the City of AtlanticCity website (,

click ?COVID-19 Testing?, and follow the prompts.

If further assistance is needed, call 609-318-6990.